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Preium Design

When you fire up a Vermont Castings grill, you’re getting more than just power. You’re getting a premium product — designed and made in the U.S.A.
that delivers precise results and makes every outdoor meal an event. From the latest convenience features to stunning style, our full line of grills has it all.

No matter what you’re grilling, you’ll make a statement when you cook with a beautiful Vermont Castings grill. 

Crafted for convenience and lasting performance

precision control, year round

The ideal rate of power for the most even grilling is between 95 and 110 BTUs per square inch. Most of our grills fall near this range, with the 523 Series delivering an optimal 104 BTUs of power per square inch. So year round, our grills will heat up faster and give you more
control over doneness levels. You’ll be able to cook that medium rare steak to perfection, 

safe and easy ignition

Available on all our grills, the easyflame ignition system uses a single source to ignite every burner, ensuring that each one lights safely and consistently, avoiding ignition flare-ups. Unlike most other grills, you can light any burner the first time for ultimate convenience. 

top-grade stainless steel construction

Made with superior quality 300 series True stainless steel, our grills resist rust better than grills made with lower grades of stainless steel. Plus, they offer a sleek, modern look. 

crafted for precise performance

Enjoy more consistent temperatures and even heat distribution, locking in flavors and juices for amazing results. 

more even cooking 

As experts in the field of cast iron, Vermont Castings delivers the finest quality cast iron, porcelain-coated grates. Cast iron helps to redistribute heat to create more even cooking, consistent temperatures and restaurant-style sear marks for beautiful presentation. They’re rounded on one side for cooking juicy foods, like burgers and steaks, and flat on the other side to easily remove tender foods like seafood. Plus, the reversible grates are durable and easy to clean. 

convection style cooking 

The exclusive cast iron end caps
and extra deep firebox help maintain heat to lock in flavors and juices while keeping food amazingly moist. The smooth surface simplifies cleanup. 

prevent flare-ups

For healthy cooking, the stainless steel sear plates are designed to redirect grease and juices away from the flames — distributing heat evenly across the entire cooking surface for optimal temperature control.